When Jack Viorel rounded up a group of surfers from a small town in North Carolina to venture to India, their goal was simple - teach a group of young orphan girls how to surf, giving them an experience of a lifetime. They were pretty much unaware that this seemingly small gesture would make waves around the world.

The Indo Jax Surf charities, founded by Jack, has continued their transformational journeys to India each year - bringing with them hope and the healing power of joy, but moreover, exposing a growing epidemic in developing countries around the world - children missing their childhood.

As the world continues to get smaller, we become more and more exposed to the reality of these young girls' unprivileged birth right and horrific stories; one disposed of in a trash can, another whose eye was gouged by her parents to become a better beggar, one 7 year-old pulled from a brothel, the stories don't stop...

Self-esteem is a huge problem for these orphaned children and this surf camp teaches them that if they can surf, conquering their personal fears, they can survive their painful past and make a better future. Indo Jax takes the orphans out of their day-to-day; they put them in a new house, feed them and give them an adventure of a lifetime. Jack and his volunteers bring solutions to problematic situations, solutions that not only change the lives of the forgotten girls, but also make an impact on the negative social environment that exists surrounding them.

The team at Indo Jax Surf Charities witnessed the need for change in India and brought their talents abroad. Indo Jax knows how to surf and how to teach. They know through all their work in the US, with surf camps for the visually impaired and kids with autism, they have witnessed first hand the power of surfing, and they have made that their mission. Indo Jax is doing more than building self-esteem and providing hope for a better life - they are inspiring these young children to pave the way for younger generations - taking the first step in a series of events that will impact our future in a momentous way.


Each year Indo Jax Surf Charities along with Homes of Hope orphanage's take dozens of orphan girls surfing on the coast of India. Follow them along as we document their fourth year of surf camps and see the amazing impact that surfing is having in these orphan girls lives.

"My goal in all of this was to share with the world the amazing work that Jack, Jeff, and the guys are doing in India. These are amazing little girls who have overcome all the odds to be the young women they are today. I thought that I would be able to go over there, film a documentary, come home, and move on with my life, but these girls have eternally impacted me."
- Director Matt Batchelor

Directed, Filmed, & Edited by: Matt Batchelor | Batchelor Visions
Additional Footage: Nate Daniel, Matt Born
Starring: Jack Viorel, Jeff Murtha, Dan Williams, and Brandon Gay
Produced by: Jeff Murtha, Jack Viorel, and Steve Perez
Shot with: Canon MarkII and MarkIII
Special thanks to 17th street surf shop, Aquatech housing, and Paul Wilkes (Homes of Hope)